Square Stones

Radiant Cut


The radiant cut diamond is a square cut that has a complete brilliant-cut facet pattern , creating a vibrant and lively square diamond.

There are different preferences when it comes to shape in radiant cut diamonds, from a perfect square , to a more traditional rectangular shape. The rectangular radiant cut is an excellent option for buyers who like the emerald cut shape, but want something with the brilliance of a round.


The Emerald cut is a classical shaped rectangular step cut diamond.

The Emerald cut posseses less fire than a brilliant cut, however it has a very elegant and dramatic appeal.


The most popular shape after the round is the Princess diamond. The princess is a square brilliant cut diamond with sharp, uncut corners.

In stones of the same carat weight, the diameter of the Princess is usually smaller than that of a Round.

The Princess cut can also be referred to as a square modified brilliant, as it combines the brilliance of a round cut with an overall square or rectangular appearance.


The cushion cut diamond is a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow (hence the name). This classic cut has been around for almost 200 years.

Traditional cushion cut combines the brilliance and fire of the round diamond with the unique shape of the square, softened by it’s rounded corners.

Asscher cut

The Asscher cut diamond is actually very similar in character to the emerald cut, only square.
Like the emerald cut, its corners are also cut and not sharp.

The Asscher resembles the emerald in brilliance and fire and it is a very elegant and unique shape.

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